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As the preeminent Gymnastics School in the Las Vegas area, we take great pride in our distinguished reputation for professionalism, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Over the years, we have successfully trained numerous gymnasts enabling them to reach their maximum athletic potential. Our comprehensive program offerings, which range from specialty youth classes to our national ranked competitive teams. We empower every individual who walks through our doors to discover and nurture the champion within themselves. Our training facility boasts top-tier equipment, while also providing dedicated spaces for preschoolers, well-appointed locker rooms for our teams, and a convenient pro shop stocked with VGA merchandise. At Vegas Gymnastics Academy, we are dedicated to fostering excellence and cultivating the potential of each student, setting them on the path to lifelong success

Current session:
Winter 2: 2/5/2024-3/30/2024

Next Session:
Spring 1: 3/31/2024-5/25/2024
Open Enrollment begins 3/18/2024

Upcoming Events

March 11-15

Spring Break Camp

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March 16

March 30

Session 2 Showcase Rehearsal 5:00pm


Celebrate Olympics with VGA



Young Gymnast


Gymnastics Horse


Yoga Class


Chalking Hands


For ages as young as 16 months - 5 years old.

Beginner, intermediate, advanced, and tumbling classes for ages 5-14.

Beginner and tumbling classes for ages 5-13.

Yoga, Adult Fitness and Tumbling Classes available for Teens 14-18 and Adults 18 years and up.  

Our competitive Boys, Girls and Xcel teams, ranges from levels 2-10, Xcel Bronze - Xcel Platinum and are determined by skill set.

For ages 5-18.

**Classes are by invitation or transfer only

When my daughter Story started gymnastics in 2018 Robert saw potential in her right away. He saw her eagerness and he put her on team. From there she’s grown so much as a person and a gymnast. He’s a great coach and truly helps each and every gymnast to achieve their best. I’m personally very grateful for a coach that cares so much, and also takes the time to learn each gymnasts strengths and weaknesses. His attention to detail and how amazing he is with each gymnast shines. I know for one my daughter thinks the world of him. He helps her overcome anxiety with new skills, because of his belief in her she’s able to push herself to new heights year after year. We are proud to be apart of VGA team and look forward to the growth this gym will provide for everyone. 

-Jehnna Tambe

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