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Our Girls Team represents a highly competitive program tailored for gymnasts who have successfully mastered the fundamentals of the sport and aspire to elevate their skills to the next level. Our dedicated coaching staff is committed to fostering a positive and competitive environment that enables each gymnast to fully realize her potential. Equipped with specialized team apparatus, our practices are conducted efficiently and offer ample opportunities for skill repetition and refinement. The Girls competitive program encompasses Levels 2 through 10 and is accessible through invitation only, with mandatory evaluations to determine the appropriate placement.

Within our program, we offer Compulsory teams encompassing Levels 2 - 5, serving as the foundation of competitive gymnastics. These levels feature standardized routines designed to instill core skills that progressively build upon each other, providing a strong base for advancement to higher gymnastic levels.

Subsequently, our Optional teams span Levels 6 - 10, designed for gymnasts who have mastered the Compulsory levels. At this stage, routines are tailored to individual strengths and abilities within established guidelines and level requirements. Each routine is unique, and scoring is based on the gymnast's execution of skills, adherence to level-specific requirements, and overall artistry.

For those seeking a more flexible competitive experience, our XCEL competition team offers levels ranging from Bronze - Diamond.

We also welcome experienced USAG Team Members looking for a fresh start from other gyms. If you are an accomplished competitive gymnast seeking a supportive and growth-oriented environment, we invite you to contact our office for further information and embark on your journey towards excellence today.

Girls Competitive Team

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