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Briella Magana 

Class of 2025

2023-2024 - Level 9


Meet Scores

Grade & GPA:

11th Grade 4.0GPA

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A Bit About Me

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Career Highlights

June 2025 - April 2026






Level 9 - 2nd year level 9 and I was able to compete all 4 events. I am still recovering from my back injury that has flared up a few times throughout the season as well as an ankle injury. I have recovered and I have done fairly well this season. I won 3rd at State and I headed to regionals. (2024) 

Level 9 - I suffered from a back injury that restricted my ability to compete all 4 events this season. I did fairly well considering the injury and recovery I was going through. (2023)

Level 8 After recovering from an arm injury over the summer, the season was a bit rocky, still managed 5 podium placings.  (2022)

Level 7 Top 100 in the Nation for Floor 9.825 (2021)

Advanced to level 7 - 5th at State, Made the State Team for Nevada and placed 6th at Regionals on the State Team. (2021)

Level 6 started out strong, but Covid interrupted this season. 

Won 5 podium placings for level 5. 8th at State

Transitioned into the JO program. Moved to level 4. Won 8 podium placings in level 4 including 1st at State. 

Started competing in Xcel Bronze. Competed 2 competitions and was moved to Xcel Silver for the Spring season. Won 1st at State and 5th at Regionals. All within 1 year of starting recreational gymnastics. 

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